Gaia: Early Data Release3, mission status, and science highlights from the second data release

Bologna Astrophysics Campus 2020 "Christmas Lecture". Speaker: Anthony Brown (Leiden Observatory professor and Chair of the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium)

  • Data: 16 dicembre 2020 dalle 11:00 alle 12:00

  • Luogo: Remote Colloquium, via Zoom at

  • Modalità d'accesso: Ingresso libero

I will provide a brief summary of Gaia EDR3, the mission status, and the prospects for the extended mission. This is complemented by science highlights from the analyis of Gaia DR2 data.

Speaker:Anthony Brown is an associate professor at Leiden Observatory and has been involved in the ESA Gaia mission since 1997. He currently chairs the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium, a team of over 400 European astronomers and IT specialists who are in charge of turning the raw measurements from the Gaia spacecraft into a three dimensional map of over one billion stars in our home galaxy, the Milky Way. Anthony is very broadly interested in the astronomical research that can be done with the aid of Gaia data, from studies of our own solar system to understanding the formation history of the Milky Way.