Energy dependent morphology of the pulsar wind nebula HESS J1825-137 in the GeV domain

Astrophysics Talk. Speaker: Giacomo Principe (INAF-IRA)

  • Data: 11 febbraio 2020 dalle 14:00 alle 14:30

  • Luogo: Sala Seminari 4 piano Battiferro, via Gobetti 93/3, Bologna

In the talk I will review the importance of pulsar wind nebulae (PWN) as Galactic particle accelerators up to the knee (Pevatron candidates) focusing on the PWN HESS J1825-137, which is is the biggest PWN seen in gamma-rays and it is one of the four sources detected by HAWC above 100 TeV. HESS J1825-137 is the archetypal example of energy-dependent morphology within PWN. In a deep analysis with more than ten years of Fermi-LAT data, we measure continued energy dependence into the GeV regime. Combining GeV and TeV data yields new insights into the evolutionary history of the system. We use a multi-zone model to reproduce simultaneously the spectral and morphological properties of the nebula aiming at investigating the particle transport inside the source.

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